The Company

It was founded on 1980 by the current owner Domenico Favaro,  the social object was the production of hoses, stockings and underwear for woman, man and baby.
By time, company was able to create a considerable image of itself thanks to a glamour, contemporary, balanced and affordable product, with a right balance between classical and fashion but also sought-after for its wearability, taste, quality into details, elegant modernity


Our mission is characterized by passion, intuition and great care of details.
In every process point of creation, production and sale of our product we put attention and professionalism. These are the leitmotiv that always guides us  but, most of all, it’s our vocation on satisfying people and the love for our job that inspire us every day and encourage us to continue this route.

foto x riquadro i nostri valori
Our values

All our collections are exclusively in the spirit of “MADE IN ITALY”, thought for satisfying every type of need, with comfortable, resistant and hygienical clothes and models.
All our products have the QUALITY ASSURANCE, soul back or store credit.

Why to choose FAVARO company

  1. It’s an company which produces and works ENTIRELY AND RIGOROUSLY IN ITALY.
  2. It’s an company that offers WARRANTY on every single item of clothing.
  3. It’s a UNIQUE COMPANY which offers the whole textile world, with a depth assortment which is unbeatable, both in the ongoing industry and multipack industry, in underwear collections (man, woman, baby (cambierei con CHILD), hosiery (man, woman, baby) and stockings (woman and little girls - GIRL).
  4. It has a UNIQUE REPRESENTATIVE for all your needs.
  5. It makes your CONSECUTIVE DEPARTMENT on the basis of your requirement.

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